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Basic Maintentance Service

  • Oil change

A basic requirement for your car every six months. Oil and filter are changed with either manufacturer approved parts or Genuine parts.

Interim Service

An interim service should be carried out every six months. Some fluids are topped up including screen wash, antifreeze and replacing:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter

Full Service

A full service should be carried out once a year or every 10000 miles whichever comes first. All the fluids are checked and topped up. Parts replaced:

  • Oil
  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • spark plugs (long life plugs carry an extra charge). (petrols)
  • Cabin filter (diesels)
  • Fuel Filter
  • Service Book Stamped for your records

All the car is checked, including the tyres, brakes, suspension, steering.

Major Service

A major service should be carried out every 2 years or every 15-20000 miles. All the fluids are topped up, including antifreeze, screenwash and brake. Parts replaced include:

  • Oil
  • Air filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Fuel filter (diesels)
  • Spark plugs *(petrols)

All the car is jacked up and checked, brakes suspension, steering, seatbelts, lights, operation of doors.

All our services use 5w30 fully synthetic oil, if your car requires a different oil We will let you know in advance.